Lee Joseph Hecker, PhD

Lee Joseph Hecker, PhD

Curriculum Vitae

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I am an ecologist and conservation biologist with strong interests in spatial, nutritional, and behavioral ecological questions. I am originally from Orono, Maine and earned by undergraduate degree at the University of Connecticut majoring in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology with a minor in Anthropology. I then drove to Arcata, California where I earned my Master's in Biology studying habitat selection in Northern Pacific Rattlesnakes (Crotalus oreganus oreganus) at multiple spatial scales at Humboldt State University. Currently, I am a PhD candidate in the Applied Conservation Ecology lab at the University of Alberta and Royal Alberta Museum where I study the influence of nutritional ecology on the habitat selection of Wood Bison (Bison bison athabasca) near Ronald Lake, Alberta.

Outside of my research, I am deeply passionate about education. My pedagogy is centered around providing a hands-on experience in a field (ecology) that requires it. I approach my lectures casually and with good humor. Currenty, I lead labratory activities in introductory courses in wildlife ecology and geographic information systems (GIS). In my past experiences, I have taught courses in human biology and introductory biology. I also served as the Guide Manager at Virgin Island Ecotours teaching others how to teach. I seek out opportunities to interact with the general public and share information about my research activities.

In my personal life I enjoy staying active. I am and avid hiker, always taking my camera along as you never know what you're going to come across. I also enjoy playing sports, getting into the back country, and reading.